Saturday, January 15, 2011

Emotional Epic

I have this childhood memory of watching some movie on television (we were at a hotel, I think) and the main character was a writer--a perky, smiling writer--Doris Day or Sandy Duncan most likely. As I watched the grinning character plunk the typewriter keys effortlessly, I had a sense, even then, that Ms. Author was some serious fiction--even fantasy. No writer could be that happy and carefree while writing--could they?

My writing adventure has been more epic. Instead of Doris or Sandy, I am Hermione facing down the evil of self doubt, emotional land mines, and other tricks and schemes of the Dark Side of the Human Mind.

In my most recent revising adventures, I discovered my efforts to create wit and clever lines have overwhelmed my character's true potential for caring and emotional response. This, of course, will not do, and it's time to pull out the wand and use the delete key. Time to create from the heart this time.

Good will triumph in the end, but the darkness must be overcome first.

How are your writing adventures going?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Day

The new year is born in a day of dazzling sunshine and snow lingering on the hills.
I spent the morning working in the garden. Cutting back spent hollyhock and foxglove stems . . . Pushing aside the worn feverfew and poppy plants to see what new life will emerge in a month or two.


There is so much anticipation in this year to come. My revisions should be done soon, and I'm working hard to finish up an intrinsic novel. At home, I will continue to enjoy the magic of my boys.

Exciting, healthy, delightful months ahead.

With writing, I want to work on the craft of imagery and detail. I will be returning to the lovely world of poetry to help me with this task. Who knows? I may get a few worthwhile poems out of the process.

Finally, I have a short phrase that has become my mantra or theme for the year to come. Some may find a little silly or peculiar, but those who know how darn serious I can get at times, may understand why I picked it.

Here it is my theme for the new year:

Lighten up!

What is yours?

Happy New Year everyone!