Sunday, July 26, 2009

House Building

I scrubbed down and sealed 1/2 the deck this weekend. As I worked, I noticed the nice symmetry of the pieces of wood, and how the parts fit together. When my house was being built, just over five years ago, I was struck how much carpentry was like sewing. How the pieces go together, and the trim covers up the rough edges. I have little in way of house building or repairing skills myself but admire anyone who can work with his or her hands. The deck is a perfect expression of those exacting skills.

Yesterday while I was at the hardware store buying some supplies needed for the deck, I saw a notice up with plea for help. A local man had a stroke on the golf course, and though he has insurance, the care he needs will not be covered. Unfortunately, this isn't the first or, I doubt, the last fundraiser for a person in need of medical cost help. This speaks volumes about true quality of healthcare and support we all receive. I will contribute what I can, which will not be a lot or enough....

What kept me riveted by the counter was the man's name: Roger. The man stricken with the stroke is the man who built my house.


  1. Wow. That is amazing. Too many people have their entire lives thrown in the air when a medical emergency hits them. Like getting healthy or dealing with life-changing illnesses isn't dramatic enough, suddenly their financial lives are in shambles too. Not just them either, but their family, the people they buy stuff from, causes they otherwise might contribute to.

    Thank you for sharing this Michele. You presented this with such heart and consideration, without being didactic. Wish I could learn how to share things that matter in such a way.

    I also really appreciated your description of carpentry, comparing it to sewing. I also appreciate the skill that people do things I never could with their hands, especially woodworking. Lacking the know-how, it seems like magic, almost, to me. Thank you!