Friday, September 11, 2009

Ship Peak

Bella dog and I went up the steep switchback trail to Ship Peak at Turtleback Mountain today. As I climbed out into the sun, I could smell warm blackberries. A scent I associate with early autumn on Orcas.

From the peak, we could see out past the island to other islands beyond. The water aquamarine and shimmering from a surface breeze and a little snow on top of the Olympics sat as a backdrop. What a setting!

I pulled out my notebook (the Luddite kind) and wrote down some plot points for my wip. A climb and a view provided excellent perspective for my story.

Time alone to think.

Sometimes I forget how important this is in the writing process. I'm too caught up in hurrying along.

Now to get the inspiration down on my non-Luddite notebook (my Mac) and make sure it all makes sense.

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