Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Voice Dictate and a New Play

I got to test drive my voice dictation program for real yesterday. On a shopping trip to the mainland, I sat in my car on the ferry and turned on my laptop. Then, with my seat back, as I looked out at the passing islands, I dictated the play. At the end of the trip I had an eight page rough draft for the ten-minute playfest.

It's a strange process to use my voice to create; it's very different from tapping on the keyboard with my fingers. At times I felt a little strange saying things like, "but that's murder explanation point new line"

I also found I wanted to say things in the character's voices, but that was too difficult for the program to figure out.

I do like letting my mind drift and find the stories that swirl around. I'm optimistic this will help the drafting process.

Now, if I can just teach the computer to write "Michèle Griskey" instead of "Michelle Gretsky" when I say my name.

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