Sunday, March 7, 2010

Voice and Muse

A compelling voice! How many times do we hear this is what a writer must have to succeed?

I talk with my composition students about voice. We all search for adjectives to adequately describe something that cannot be described adequately with adjectives.

Is my voice compelling? What does that mean anyway? To use force or pressure to lure a reader away from his or her other obligations? I can think of many journeys to the library or bookstore where my true quest was lost in the discovery of new words. I was pressured into reading and loved every minute.

I would like to think of other words with other connotations for voice. How about authentic? Authentic in what way? The voice could sound real, yet is this what we want to achieve? Realism?

Voice. Some voices I do love to hear. Usually, these voices are from people I love.

Mix the writing with a powerful love potion and stir; this is how to capture the reader with a compelling and authentic voice.

Now, what is the love potion?

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