Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting Better

I am the worst person to know what done means. I keep wanting to fix things. A metaphor for my life it seems.

So, I finished my work in progress, which happens to be a rather silly young adult novel. I mean silly in a good way. Funny. Quirky.... This is difficult to write!

Here's what I know about myself so far with my writing:

I'm a hopeless romantic. A love interest is crucial.
My main character has some very intrinsic part of myself expressed in her thoughts or actions. I don't mean to do this, but it just happens.
Strong plots make me happy. This is significant; at one time, the thought of creating a plot terrified me.
I still make a few embarrassing grammar errors. Yes, I do my best to catch these, but a few get past my proofreading. This probably happens because I start thinking about something else like using a better word or having my character say something else.
I'm getting better.

I'm getting better. And, truly, that's the most important element of writing, getting better.

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