Thursday, December 3, 2009

Coho Watching

My sons and I discovered Coho Salmon in a stream at Moran State Park. My youngest son in particular was mesmerized by the fish positioned against the current pushing their way upstream to spawn.

As we stood along the side of the creek watching the fish wriggle and sometimes leap, I knew I was witness to something bigger than the obvious. Something I could not fully understand. The strange, unknown inside of all living creatures to recreate over and over again. The salmon struggling upstream will die soon, yet they fight for a chance to leave behind viable eggs that hold their DNA for the next generation.

We struggle ourselves in that seemingly impossible task of swimming against a strong current hoping we can find a way to leave behind something significant, something stronger than our own fragile bodies.

After we watched the fish, I wanted to hold my boys safe, protect them, so they to could be strong for their journey ahead.

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