Saturday, June 27, 2009

Perfect Weather

Ah, the sunny and breezy days. I love this weather. I suppose I would get tired of an entire year of this, but I cannot help but think I would love many, many days of balmy perfection.

The garden yields peas, garlic scrapes, cherries, and even a few raspberries.

I wanted to have more done on my draft by now, but I am making progress. Recently I found a voice for my protagonist, and I keep discovering more and more about her. This process of discover is worth the effort.


  1. Good for you Michelle. I wanted to have a lot more done on my draft as well but oh well. I'm working on it, or at least trying to. Some days are easier than others. Looking forward to hearing more about your protagonist. It's real hard finding a fitting voice for a character. Good job. Keep it up!

  2. Thank you! I agree tht some days are easier than others. I have to remind myself on the off days. :)