Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SOUPUC Sydrome

We’re having an interesting discussion this week on Holly and Jolie’s blogs about sabotaging writing opportunities and procrastination techniques. It’s good to know that I’m not in this alone. According to my fellow writers, everything from shopping to trying out recipes on cooking shows can distract us. I came up with the following:

I generally sabotage myself by having a Sudden Overwhelming Urge to do Previously Undesirable Chores. I call this the SOUPUC Syndrome.

Fortunately I’m not suffering from SOUPUC Sydrome moment. The unusual heat wave makes me feel like I’m melting, and I don’t want to move.

Back to writing!


  1. Nice to meet ya, in the blogosphere sense. Pretty cool connecting with writers like yourself. Finding all you fellow smackdown buddies very motivating.

    That's a really cool picture behind your title. Where is it taken from?

  2. Hi from a fellow Smackdowner. I sometimes get those sudden chore-doing urges too, especially when a deadline is involved. :) Good luck this month!

  3. Hi! Thank you for reading my Blog.

    The picture was taken from Griffith Park in Los Angeles. It was on an unusually clear day in L.A. last year. I'm not sure why I have a picture of L.A. on my Blog since I live on Orcas Island. :)

    Ah yes, the chores. It's a funny thing that happens to me when I write. Good luck with you as well Lisa!

  4. Ahh. Thank you. There's something that drew me to that picture ever since I first saw it. I don't know why. Kinda moody or something.